BMW e12

Bmw e12 the first generation (1972-1981)   In 1972 first generation of BMW 5 series was released and present to the market. Following the new very popular high middle class at this time BMW with 5 series announced a start of a very successful story. The first generation of 5 series … Continue readingBMW e12

Future Helmet

Future Motorcycle Helmet CrossHelmet X1 Nowadays with a technology  growing more then ever we can’t choose a right gadget. Same problem is  with the motorcycle helmets also. Our generation  have the honor to enjoy in every day new technologies .And the helmet is no exception to this trend.   Cross … Continue readingFuture Helmet

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FWD , AWD, 4WD, Or RWD?!

FWD , AWD, 4WD, Or RWD?! What Is The Difference!!! You are a good driver but you still lack a knowledge of what the f*** is it the difference between 4WD and AWD mean?! It’s sad, funny and strange how so many people confuse the all wheel drive and the … Continue readingFWD , AWD, 4WD, Or RWD?!

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Caferacer project mistakes

Caferacer project? If we don’t make mistakes then a project is not even started. someone has said:  Wise people are those who listen not those who give the advice. In the next few rows, I will give you some advice what makes me least intelligent instead of you Dear Reader. During our lives, … Continue readingCaferacer project mistakes

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Most powerful guns

Powerful Guns As we now shooting with those guns is dangerous for victims and also for the shootter himself. Broken hand wrist and herring lose are some of the injuries and most common its head kick when gun goes back. 1.Desert Eagle The popularity of this gun is due to … Continue readingMost powerful guns

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Whiskey Short Guide

You Speak Whiskey Or Whisky Language??? One of the greatest confusion when it comes to this high-quality gentlemen’s drink is whether it should be spelled with “e” or not. Well, it’s high time for you to stop living in confusion when drinking your favorite drink! Whiskey or Whisky depends on … Continue readingWhiskey Short Guide

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