Pirelli Art And Aesthetics

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Pirelli Calendar- Does it still need any introduction??!

Art And Aesthetics Blended Through The Years In Calendar!

World’s most famous calendar, uniting world’s most beautiful women with world’s best photographers!

The calendar everyone wants but not everyone can have.

It because of its exclusivity and availability for a selected list of people from stars to Pirelli customers and collaborators.

The Pirelli calendar isn’t meant to be front page fodder but it’s a celebration of youth, fertility and sex.

It exploits the women’s power of manipulating men into buying tyres.

The Cal, as people call it, has hosted and captured the world’s most gorgeous women at their most lovely.

The Cal has also featured a few men but however, it’s the women for which it is rightly famed.

Back in 1969 photographer Harry Peccinotti ( who also shot the 1968 calendar) simply went on the beach at Big Sur in California and photographed amateurs.

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And then, the Cal has undergone into rise of the supermodels.

In 1987 Terence Donovan’ s calendar featured only black models including a 16- year- old Naomi Campbell at the start of her career.

Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen, Kate Moss, and Karen Alexander are just few of the of the phenomenal line up of supermodels that were part of the Pirelli calendar.

But do not expect to find the 2016 edition of the Pirelli book format on the walls of your local car mechanic’s garage.

Because it featured 13 women famous for their brains rather than their boobs.

This was the year when the calendar featured exceptional and intellectual women from the world of business, sport, and art.

This giant leap away from its traditional style that Pirelli made became a subject of lot of comments.

Whether Pirelli should bring back topless girls in their calendars.

And yes, the 2017 edition of Pirelli Calendar is the farthest away from its original format as you could possibly get.

And, this year the world will have the honor to see a Black Alice in Wonderland.

As in the last two years the Cal was pursuing the cultural zeitgeist rather than pandering to the male gaze.

One thing is certain and constant. The Pirelli Calendar will continue to hold a unique position as an expression of freedom, beauty, and pleasure.

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