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Bmw e12 the first generation (1972-1981)


In 1972 first generation of BMW 5 series was released and present to the market.

Following the new very popular high middle class at this time BMW with 5 series announced a start of a very successful story.

The first generation of 5 series started as a modern new BMW design language.

E12 first gen. was comfortable sporty-er, much bigger and superior compared with his predecessor.

With a face with the same concept as BMW has announced in the 60s.

Only with the e12 has to strength this new language.

And with it established this look as a trademark symbol of BMW.

With a dynamic look, the constructor has given him a wedge shape so that the radiator grille will look like a shark.

Maybe the e24 6-series look more like a shark but the first shark in BMW family it is e12.

Many design icon is implemented in e12 but with very big difficulty at the time without all this technology nowadays.

Hard to believe but a head-lights back den was a real challenge for the engineers.

Very big attention is given also to the interior space and the comfort is the priority.

Instruments and command switches are more driver friendly meaning they are grouped around the driver.

Dr. Julie Day was one of the enginers ho had an idea of better ergonomics.

E12 is the first model of BMW with the beginning of series nomenclature.

With the model 528, BMW has taken the first digit to identify the model series followed with next two digits identifying the engine cubic capacity (cc).

-So mining of BMW 528 it is 5 series 2800cc.

This action of BMW was to be able to implement further models and series in the future.

Like every other car, the heart is the engine and the very first engine was the four cylinders in 520I version.

But it does not stop here 1 year later it is added the 6 cylinder engine from the luxury class into this series.

They are known for the smooth running and the specific BMW motor sound.

The model 528i has set standards for the high middle class.

With 165hp engine 528i has accelerate from 0-100 (62mph) in 9:5s.

With the security, this model play’s important role.

Engineers have used computers for testing the safety-related elements.

like the roll bar on the roof providing protection in case of rolling.

And in case of an impact, BMW has calculated the crumple zones at the back and in the front of the car with a computer at the time.

This model first was produced in Munich.

Because of the big sales BMW from 1973 roles, the production of the all 5 series in lower Bavaria.

BMW has produced 290 000 units of the first 5series.

Today the first gen. of BMW 5 series is a classic and it is a foundation of a very successful BMW model series.

Between 1972 and 1981 this model series was sold 700000 times.

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Credits: BMW (official BMW youtube canal)

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