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A Brief Guide To Your Favorite Tattoo Styles!!!

Want your first tattoo, but you lack the tattoo education crucial for choosing your first baby!?

Beginners should remember one important thing.

You can’t just go to the shop and request for some flash off the wall.

That’s why we thought that you are in a desperate need of a guide and some education of the latest tattoo styles in the industry.

Lets get it “tattoo styles” started:

1. Traditional Style

The traditional style of tattooing dates from 1700s.

When sailors sailing with Captain James Cook were amazed of the indigenous communities with tattoos they encountered on their long journeys across the seas.

So, they came to an idea to start collecting body art as mementos of their voyages.

Over the 19s the style became more refined thanks to the work of the popular American tattooists of the 1900 like Sailor Jerry

2. Realism

Dating back from the period of the Renaissance, this style became popular in the later half of the 20th cent.

Since than this tattoo style has became so refined that it gain an enormous popularity.

The style contains jaw-dropping color and black and grey portraits that look like alive.

There are also some realistic depictions of nature.

3.Watercolor Style

One of the most demanded tattoo style currently is the watercolor style.

It perfectly fits the tattoo enthusiasts who are in a constant search for something new that will match with the new millennium they live in.

This tattoo style looks exactly the same as it sounds- rendered with a brush dabbled in watery pastels.

4. Tribal Style

Tribal tattoos regarded as the indigenous body art are probably the oldest, dating back thousands of years ago.

This style is an impeccable mixture of different traditions of tattooing.


No matter which art you decide to choose, Polynesian or Marquesan body art.

All styles are unique and almost always done in black with elaborate patterns.



5. New School Style

Do not let the name trick you.

This style although called new, isn’t new at all.

It dates from the late 80s and 90s but they have enormous popularity recently.

New school style of tattooing features the highly animated aesthetic taking after popular entertainment from the period in the American history it dates.

If you are Ren and Stimpy kind of person, than this comic style will fit you the best.

6. Neo Traditional

Style As it name implies, neo traditional is the evolution of the traditional style of tattooing.

Neo traditional artists employ various line weights for achieving a more textured and detailed aesthetic.


7. Japanese Style

Each of these tattoo body arts speak volumes about Japans rich past.

Combined with a dramatic smoke and wave filled appearance is what makes Irezumi (traditional Japanese style) so powerful and strong.


8. Blackwork Style

The Blackwork style is a very broad term for tattooing.

It applies almost any type of solely black ink.

Looking more closer to this tattoo style, you can encounter everything, from ancient sacred geometry to modern abstract ornamental designs.

The effect of the black in these tattoos can be mind-blowing.

We hope that this guide will help you get some basic tattoo education when choosing your right tattoo. The choice is yours, so choose!!!