Caferacer project mistakes

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Caferacer project?

If we don’t make mistakes then a project is not even started.

someone has said: 

Wise people are those who listen not those who give the advice.

In the next few rows, I will give you some advice what makes me least intelligent instead of you Dear Reader.

During our lives, we make different decisions based on our:

wishes, experience, advice from others and in the end most common based on our mistakes.

Here are some,  according to my experience and mistakes:

Paint job

First and probably the most common one  is paint job

If you are an amateur spare  yourself  the extra effort to make a paint job.

Usually, you will fail.

Especially do not paint the parts in the esthetics segment of the bike.

Parts like tank fenders, body covers, and other periphery parts leave it to the professionals.

Unless you don’t want to see your failure at the end, when the job is done.

As the project is yours it is normally to participate in it.

So, I recommend you to paint some small parts like engine covers or frame from the bike.

overseen the details

The second mistake is not paying attention to the details and I mean not the esthetics details.

Crucial is the size and how they fit on the bike among the other parts not to forgot the correlation between themselves.

The quality of your project depends on these details.

Do not expect everything to fit together.

Doble check the measurements before you buy or modify any part with the dimensions so you can spare the extra work and money.

Try to draw or visualize them in any way before having the closest picture of how the details will look after they are fitted.

Choosing the wrong bike base

Choosing a base that you already possess and it is not the right one for the project is a big mistake.

Buying the wrong one because is cheaper is also a mistake.

And starting a café racer project with a difficult base motorcycle is a big mistake.

A difficult base frame is from a Cross-bike or Enduro.

Maybe in some cases is achievable but only if it is your 10th or 15th project.

This way will provide you with wasted time, money and knowledge instead of starting with the right base.

Enduro or Cross bike base are more likely to fit for a scrambler or a dirt tracker or even a street tracker project.

To being too ambitious

Avoid big project with a low budget because all what you will get is unfinished job .

If you have a low budget it is always better to invest bigger part of it from the beginning.

Buying a simple and reliable motorcycle that requires few simple changes to be a good café racer, it’s always a good idea.

Through the time you will invest little more and more money till you finish the project exactly as you have imagined.

And the last but not the least mistake

Do not build a café racer with the goal to impress others because in the end you will get a motorcycle who can’t impress no one even not you .

There are bikes to impress and there are bikes looking impressive because of their simplicity.

So here is the old rule that says:  don’t try to impress people who you don’t even know and you even not like.

In the end remains the simply philosophy : café-racer is made for you individually and no one else matters so the perfect person to impress is yourself  and only your judgment matters .

Tnx for reading