BMW e12

Bmw e12 the first generation (1972-1981)   In 1972 first generation of BMW 5 series was released and present to the market. Following the new very popular high middle class at this time BMW with 5 series announced a start of a very successful story. The first generation of 5 series … Continue readingBMW e12

Future Helmet

Future Motorcycle Helmet CrossHelmet X1 Nowadays with a technology  growing more then ever we can’t choose a right gadget. Same problem is  with the motorcycle helmets also. Our generation  have the honor to enjoy in every day new technologies .And the helmet is no exception to this trend.   Cross … Continue readingFuture Helmet

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FWD , AWD, 4WD, Or RWD?!

FWD , AWD, 4WD, Or RWD?! What Is The Difference!!! You are a good driver but you still lack a knowledge of what the f*** is it the difference between 4WD and AWD mean?! It’s sad, funny and strange how so many people confuse the all wheel drive and the … Continue readingFWD , AWD, 4WD, Or RWD?!

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Caferacer project mistakes

Caferacer project? If we don’t make mistakes then a project is not even started. someone has said:  Wise people are those who listen not those who give the advice. In the next few rows, I will give you some advice what makes me least intelligent instead of you Dear Reader. During our lives, … Continue readingCaferacer project mistakes

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6 Main modified cars types

Main modified cars types Automobile industry has overpassed its limits long time ago. Now, the cars come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and attributes. One important segment of automobile industry are modified cars. Car lovers must be familiar with this 6 basic types of modified cars. Muscle, Tuner, Exotic, Stance, … Continue reading6 Main modified cars types

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13 Ultra Modern Cafe Racers

Modern Cafe Racers The scene for cafe racers is constantly boosting. It has come to the point when it’s so hard to resist. And with their latest innovation this becomes harder and harder and harder… What makes a modern cafe racer different from your old bikes is not the look … Continue reading13 Ultra Modern Cafe Racers

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Custom Motorcycle!!!

Hit The Road (Jack) With A Custom Motorcycle!!! Originality has never gone out of fashion or style. And, by originality I mean custom Motorcycle!!! From café racers ripping out of the U.K. countryside and streaking the roads of far-off lands, to the bold American choppers, conquering the highways of the … Continue readingCustom Motorcycle!!!

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