Choosing steampunk character

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As we know steampunk movement  is a fantasy movement and being part of it is fantastic.

Being a part of it is a privilege only to the brave ones .

To show and to live their fantasies and to be surrounded with lots of people sharing the same passion about steampunk.

In this article I will try to explain and classify the tip of the characters in steam punk after the archetypes


Aristocrats, the adventurer, the mechanic, the chemist, the gunslinger, the aeronaut and so on…

Thinking outside the box is all about that in steam punk as we know.

So,  some  examples and ideas are about  to follow below:


It’s all about glamor and luxury.

All of the dressing parts, fitted  together from the best manufacturers and most beautiful materials.

Real jewelry and expensive gadgets.

If you have the budget you can choose whether  you  gonna be dark aristocrat or some bad war aristocrat or a good lord.

You can have even servants if it your fantasy.

-The Adventurer-

This is a very big field were you can choose your character from a pirate to a Captain, from Smuggler to Thief or Dresser of wild animals to taming them.

Even a expedition doctor or rider can be chose everything connected with the adventures and the fantasies you have about it.

-The Mechanic-

The specter in this character  is very wide and very cheap.

If you have some old clots, a fancy waistcoat, raggedy pants, suspenders ,little grease on your face and some old rusty looking tools,  voila you are mechanic.

-the chemist or the scientist-

Long lab coat, some rubber gloves, goggles on their heads and some crazy ass lab weapons.

Still without limits do not fear to experiment and express your fantasies just like you see it.


Like the name tells itself :

You need a gun , but that is not all, a rifle and some bombs and belts in order  to put  all those weapons in .

Paint you weapons by making  them look  classic or futuristic.

Different, sizes , different shapes  putting them to be seen or hide them in some secret pockets it’s up to you.


 Air mask, space suit ,air tank some leather pilot jacket, belt with gun , pilot pants all this mixed out of the box.

Futuristic or classic depending on you how are feeling about it.

The list is as long as our fantasies.

So choose your character and get  yourself a proper name .

You can surf the net for name-generator.

Or make it up yourself as what is fantastic about fantasy is that it is limitless.

Tnx for reading