Ferrari Portofino- A New Lease On life

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 V8-powered Ferrari coupe-convertible, emerging as the  debutante at the  Frankfurt motor show 2017.

Named after Portofino  the Italian port town, is a step on from the California cabrio.

3.9-litre V8 heart front placed

Using a 600 hp powered aggregate

an beat in:

0-62mph/100km 3.5sec

Top speed 199mph/320kph

Maximum power 592bhp  7500rpm

Peak torque 561lb ft  3000-5250rpm

Reach for the stars

The Portofino is empowered with a new, all-aluminum architecture, which Ferrari claims to feature a lots weight saving in compared to the California T, and despite being much stiffer.

Turbocharged V8 with 3855 cc 40 hp stronger than California T.

New pistons and conrods and an overhauled intake and exhaust for smooth breath and better roaring.

It’s turbocharged – sigh – as was its predecessor, but Ferrari vows ‘zero turbo lag.

They would say that, wouldn’t they, but it’s true that we’ve been impressed by how little delay the blown Ferraris now.

Ferrari Portofino: the specs lowdown

Portofino is again a coupe-convertible (2+2) with a folding hard top.

Transmission is a twin-clutch. Ferrari politic with the Portofino is to catch a women costumers all so.

A lot of attention has been dedicated to the cockpit, designed to make it quieter and more comfortable for a short trip.

The ride and handling are improved with e-differential the third generation which is design to maximize the grip and traction in the corners.

A suspension is Magnetorheological dampers witch provide a better comfort.

Price 200 000 $ and up depends on the features