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Future Motorcycle Helmet

CrossHelmet X1

Nowadays with a technology  growing more then ever we can’t choose a right gadget.

Same problem is  with the motorcycle helmets also.

Our generation  have the honor to enjoy in every day new technologies .And the helmet is no exception to this trend.


Cross helmet x1 is not the first but most hopefully hi tech motor cycle helmet.

Nowadays (beside Skully AR1 which unfortunately have remain just a good idea due to bad and irresponsible, let say money management).

As his creator ARATA ONO says:

-fusion of new technology and appropriate design against relatively same simple design in last 60 years.

Main idea of the mister ARATA ONO was to transform helmet into high tech device with increased functionality.


Rearview camera

A helmet with 360 degree field vision to increase percussion and visibility for the driver.

Placed like rear view mirror In head up display.

Sound control

As a patented feature MR.ONO and his team have characterized two types of sound:



As type of information we use the sound to Assess the situation either as noise or as unwanted distraction.

So  this helmet control of sound environment  based on frequency bands can be selected to reduce unwanted noise.

And to increase the wanted sounds so we can have a more safe and joyful ride.


Futuristic in his spirit like in his functionality this helmet is more spacious unlike  the common helmets.

Avoiding ,as MR.ONO says:

Crushing sensation around the face and allowing to breath more easily thanks to the redesigned front region.

Which provides the rider with more visual space.


Over Bluetooth users can connect the helmet with their smart phone.

This way drivers have all information they need: like navigation, traffic weather conditions, distance, and time.

The helmet’s app which connects it with a smartphone is what makes it a smart helmet and its the voice assistant (something like siri) confirm this conclusion .


All in all this helmet have a mission to reduce accidents and to improve rider’s experience .

According to Cross Helmet they are still developing the process and new features are not exception till premiere in autumn or winter 2018 .

Credits and thanks to: Cross Helmet X1 and MR. ARATA ONO