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Knife Tutorial That Every Fan Must Consider!

Knives need no introduction. They have existed since the earliest forms of humanity.

Our ancestors have been using them for hunting and survival. It seems like the knives are destinated to the mankind.

Nowadays, knives have become art, to some extent.

Their usage, look, and shape can vary. From pocketknife to a serious survival knife.

Since the knives are weapons for not messing around, try not playing with them as you might get hurt.
If you are thinking of buying some, please reconsider the following tutorial consisted of the 10 most common types of knives before purchasing it.



Don’t call it a switchblade. But assisted-opening blades flick open on springs.

They require manual initiation of the blade before the spring or other mechanism takes over to flip it up.



This large sheath knife was popularized by 19th-century American pioneer Jim Bowie.

The main distinguishing features are a cross guard, sheath carry, and often a clip point.


Clip Folder

A folding knife with a clip mounted to the handle that enables user to attach to a pocket or belt for easy access.

These are super popular for daily carry and a must-have for most outdoors lovers.

We feel naked without ours!



Double-edged knife with central spine, full-length, sharpened edges.

If you don’t plan on hiding one in your boot or getting in a knife fight, a dagger isn’t particularly useful in the outdoors.




Equipped with a long, heavy blade and used to cut a path through thick vegetation.

It’s the pocketknife of the tropics, where everybody’s got one and many workers carry them every day.

No good for detail work, but man can they slash through the brush!



Self-contained folding tool including blade(s), pliers, drivers, files, and more.

There are designs for nearly every outdoor endeavor, from skiing to fishing.


Also known as a jackknife.

May include several folding blades and other implements.

Sit back on the porch and get whittling with a model like the Buck 505 Knight, pictured below.




Fixed blade (commonly). Made for “survival” scenarios in wilderness, including cutting wood for fire and fashioning shelter.

Some have hollow handles with survival items stocked inside. Quality designs like the 119 Special, below.

Have a full tang (steel blade extends through handle) and are very strong.


Swiss Army

Originally commissioned design by Swiss Army (in late 1800s).

Multiple implements fold into handle for storage. The most well-known and authentic Swiss Army knives are made by Victorinox.



Weighted for spinning on a throw, solid construction, blunt-end handle butt.

Some throwing knives come as a set for multiple throws.