Most powerful guns

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Desert Eagle

Powerful Guns

As we now shooting with those guns is dangerous for victims and also for the shootter himself.

Broken hand wrist and herring lose are some of the injuries and most common its head kick when gun goes back.

1.Desert Eagle

The popularity of this gun is due to his size and fretting appearing depending on the model.

The pistol can weight till 2kg

The length can be from 26.6cm to 37cm

It is large caliber autoloading pistol based on principal of automatic rifles using the relist gas for auto-reloading.

12,7X32,6mm this ammunition is for large caliber machine guns.

Muzzle energy 2000 Jul 

Very loud sound by shooting and therefore is forbidden to use in close shootting galleries for the hazard of hearing damage.

During a shot, it’s flash is so big so the shootter is blind for a moment and the gun hat a very strong recoil.

In hand of a right-hander when shooting moves to the left and opposite for lefthanders.

Normally is a rule for all guns but for this model, you filing it so strong that unexpirenst shutter can drop it from his hands.

The larger ammunition has more kick and it is inconvenient to grip especially for people with small hands in some cases they can’t even be Holden.

2.Taurus Bull 454 –Brazil international

A revolver who is huge.

And belong in the segment of hunting revolvers.

The 454 casull was developed on the 45 colt cartridge case basis and instead of pistol primer, it has a small rifle primer.

The result was high pressure formed in cartridge pull.

The 16gr bullet shoot out of the barrel at enormous speed of 580m/s.

Muzzle energy over 2700 Jules.

This gun come In three lengths: 12.7cm; 16.5cm and 21cm

The Bull 454 is designed for hunting and sport shootting rear they are used in the police.

3.Smith&Wesson 500 magnum

In 2003 this company has revealed the new SW model 500 Magnum with dimensions:

Length 12.7 by 41mm

Weight 2kg

Impressive barrel and 5 chambered drum and a muzzle break for recoil reducing.

This gun is designed for hunting large animals, especially in Nord America fauna.

Shouting with the magnum is accompanied by powerful recoil sound and muzzle energy of 4100joules

A true elephant slayer.

4.RS h-12

It was created in Russia in 2000 with 12.7 by 55mm cartridge

It is a very mythical semi-assault gun.

Why Tula Russia was a mythical gun is the fact there is not one video showing being fired.

And story is that a sh12 large caliber chambered assault rifle chambered for 12,7 by 55mm with a weight of 50 gr they ware develop little later from some creative Russians.

They came out with the idea of pistol Hu can use the same cartridges as the rifle and the result a bad ass 2.2kg with a length of 36cm.

Is a one of the most powerful gun in the world.

A solid metal frame revolver with a 5 bullets drum left opening .

The shoot is made from the lower drum opening and has a smaller recoil shoulder then any other revolvers and rifles have.

There are also some other huge guns but they experiment nature it border the functionality still they are deserving to be mentioned:

Not the most powerful but the biggest also in gunnies book of records.

The cal.28 from the Poland gun smith Ryszard Tobias this is the exact replica of the Remington 3to 1 and length of 1.6m 45kg.

Zeliska gun from Austria gun cambered 458 Winchester magnum cartridge.

bullet 33gr

weight 5.1kg 

length 47cm 

Real monster created for elephants and rhinos hunting with the 600 nitro ammunition.

And for an end:

Thunder 50 BMG

Without pistol cartridges opted for sniper ammunition riffle 50cal.

12,7 by 99mm single shot muzzle break.

Hydraulic barrel recoil system 20% reducing of recoil but still too short for his 50500 Jules and 5m flame from a barrel.