Winter With Nordic Sweater

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Everything Is More Beautiful In Winter With A Piece of Nordic Sweater

Surprisingly may it sound but winter can be fun and amazing, especially when you have the right Sweater on you.

By right, we mean Nordic Sweater.

Those unfamiliar with the trend, doubt that there are some, it’s a folk-inspired piece of clothing will perfectly fit your favorite pair of blue jeans and lace-up boots.

Moreover, it will keep you warm in these cold and festive days of winter.

Here are some suggestions that will help you choose the right Nordic Sweater this season.

Pendleton “ Westerley” Sweater

A cozy sweater that The Big Lebowski will be impressed for sure.

Fair Isle Sweater

Made on Fair Isle that will undoubtedly grant you a winter pass. For cold walks and a cozy relaxing in front off fire place next to the christmas tree.

Funnel- Neck Geometric-Intarsia Sweater

A striking play of colors that brings a bold graphic look to a cotton-blend sweater in an oversized cut topped with a softly draped funnel neckline. Full shot this winter.

Patchwork Cable-Knit

Sweater It is the right casual cable knit sweater to invest in, this winter. It will perfectly fit your everyday activities and you will feel cozy and warm while managing them.

Zig Zag Pattern Sweater

Ode to Winter sports and glamourous mountaineering which are more than evident in this perfectly shaped pattern.

Shawl Collar Intarsia Cardigan

Cardigan hu brings you from casual friday to a weekend camping trip .

Shetland Wool Sweater

The Grail under the knit wear 

Multi-Color Sweater

If you need a break from typical design  just experiment with some colors.

“Anthracite” Sweater

Peacefull colors matchable with every combination.

Broken Stripes Sweater

Wen you don’t like stripes just break them,same like with the rules.

Peruvian Poncho 

Mystical same as magical but most of it sexy saying the girls