Shoe’s-How To Beat Your Casual Shoe Game Right?!

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Shoe’s ?!?!!

Give a man the Right (Casual) Shoes, And the World is already conquered!

Running as a  gentlemen’s site is not an easy task to do, especially when you have to write about serious matter!

How serious???

Extremely SERIOUS!!!

When it comes to men shoes.. There is no much space for messing and joking around left.

And, Yes shoes may comprise a proportionally small component of your overall appearance but they are definitely worth putting some extra money, time, and attention into.

Statistically speaking, we make judgements about other people based on the shoes they chose to wear!!

Especially women, OH man they are real shoe detector!!! 

>You may not believe if I tell you that:

once I ‘ve gone on a date with a woman who gave me her number because of my adorable and stylish pair of shoes! Neither did I but…


So, as being a generous gentleman 😀 I will share with you my little shoe secret consisted of attentionally chosen pair of 8 shoe styles.



1.Penny Loafers

What used to be referred to as the “official shoe” of preps worldwide is now street-style approved for all guys to rock—not just bros in polos.

This type of loafer features a leather strap across the top, complete with a slit (often in the shape of a diamond) big enough to hold a coin (hence the name).

It’s a simple style that is the epitome of versatility; penny loafers can be worn to summer weddings, while running errands around the city, and every other casual summer occasion in between.

That versatility extends across all plant types too—from jeans, chinos, casual suits (do those even exist anymore?), and more.

2.Tassel Loafers:

A style that you’d probably expect to see on your Ivy League granddad’s feet, the tassel loafer has been resurrected to become a footwear staple in the casual menswear shoe game.

It’s essentially a standard loafer, meaning a laceless, low-cut shoe with a separate sole—just with the addition of a tassel that hangs off the tongue.

. This type of shoe is made for the summer, so whether you’re hitting up a barbecue or a casual night out, you’re good to go.

. For best results, remember to pair your tassel loafers with some fitted pants (shorts are acceptable as well, if you must) and ditch the socks.​

3.Desert Boots

Desert boots—an offshoot of the chukka—have become one of the more popular boot styles in recent menswear history.

A lightweight construction and all-day comfort may have something to do with that. It’s a versatile shoe type that can be worn three out of the four seasons. Adding the perfect element of smart casual to your wardrobe.

A simple, everyday shoe with lots of color options.

The desert boot will never go out of style, and it has the potential to quickly becoming your go-to shoes for daily wear.


The versatility of a shoe goes right out the window if it doesn’t look good.

Fortunately, the chukka delivers on both fronts with a minimalist design that can be dressed up or down to coincide with any casual outfit.

A shoe that has roots on the polo ground has become a footwear classic that has withstood the test of time.

5.Oxford Shoes

The oxford may be a dress shoe by definition.But you may as well throw out rule book because the popularity.

The shoe style from a historical perspective has propelled it from the prep school campus to the forefront of casual footwear in recent times.

The British-inspired design has been reimagined as an American staple that works on many levels.


Contrary to popular misconception, every lace-up shoe is NOT an oxford.

Unlike a Derby shoe, which is almost identical except for its open front.

The oxford stands out for its closed lacing system.

A feature that lends itself nicely to clean, minimalist wear.

6.Derby Shoes

To the untrained eye, the Derby has “dress shoe” written all over it.

But don’t let that basic thought process fool you into believing that these aren’t worthy of your next street-style photo-op.

These on with a pair of tapered or rolled-up pants and you’ll see what we mean.

(The style is similar to oxford shoes except with an open-faced lacing system).

4.Chelsea Boots

This is a style of shoe that has become synonymous with artists and rock starts (namely The Beatles).

The Chelsea boot, with its heritage-inspired look, adds dimension to a man’s wardrobe.

With its sleek, clean lines lending themselves nicely to the fitted attire that is so prevalent in menswear today.



We don’t recommend you wearing sandals and/or slip-ons on the daily.

In fact, we insist that you don’t.


BUT, there will be times this summer when a nice pair of Birkenstocks or slip-on boat shoes will come in handy.

Whether you’re heading out to the park for a booze-filled picnic or hitting the beach, this is your solution to staying casually stylish without having to get sand in your clean sneakers.

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