6 Main modified cars types

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Main modified cars types

Automobile industry has overpassed its limits long time ago.

Now, the cars come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and attributes.

One important segment of automobile industry are modified cars.

Car lovers must be familiar with this 6 basic types of modified cars. Muscle, Tuner, Exotic, Stance, Ricer, and Sleeper.

As their name implies itself these types of cars got their name based on their main characteristic


The Muscle Car category is generally populated by American V8 , big and chunky pieces of engineering with insanely stroked up engines.

Brutal and raw with its blunt power as ultimate appeal.

This is the class where you will certainly find:

Dodge Challenger 

Ford Mustang

and Chevrolet V8 Classics.

Dodge Viper V10 also belongs to Muscle modified cars.

While muscle car are compared with a hammer, a Tuner can be compared to a scalpel.




Precise, highly fettled and with an extremely focused exquisite handling, balance, and power delivery.

Tuners are brought to perfection and are very easy and agile.

Most of Japanese vehicles are considered Tuners but the class is populated by european cars to.


Exotic modified cars are no.1 favorite of the wealthy car enthusiasts.

This are the rarest and the most expensive car class.

Because they cost a fortune, their possession is not a regular owning but statement.

This ultra expensive class is dominated by Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti…


Stance is a class of modified automobiles throwing all the rules of form and function away, almost undriveable, but very gaudy and pretty in their appeal.

This undriveability comes from the fact that Stances have a negative camber.

Negative camber means that the  wheel fit in such a way that they push out of the wheel arches, providing the cars lower or slammed look.

And the aesthetics is what matters in this class.


Ricers, are yet special category of the modified cars family. Its modified to that extent to look like a racer .

But tacky and with no function but to be detrimental to the car’s quality, its performance or appearance.

This gays give to their car lovers-owners an expression of individuality.

I.e what some people can do to their ricers.


Sleeper began appearing in countries with a strict modification regulations by the authorities.

This car looks quite normal from the outside but there is a complete modification within.

Sleepers are the real modest monsters in the car’s world.

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