“SOS” Winter Boots Your Closet Calls For!!!

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cap-toe boot

Winter boots are made for walking.. Oh, no wait.. They are made to fit with everything in your closet.

#1 Dr. Martens “Vegan 2976” Chelsea Boots 

 When we say Docs, the first thing that bear in your mind is probably the classic big black laceups, synonym for the lovers of punk music.

But, Docs have a sophisticated version, not once but twice more dressier than the old version.

Thanks to the combination of the Chelsea boot silhouette and old-world oxblood color.

The signature AirWair adds the extra charm of these boot.

Winter boots have never been so simple and sophisticated at the same time.

#2 pebble grain wingtip boots

The craftsmen of the famous and all time favorite wingtips have created a masterpiece when applying their brogue expertise to boots.

The perfect pebble grain leather is a little less dressy than the average calfskin but that is the main point.

It’s ultra hardy and because of that it can be worn from business Monday to casual Friday and over and over again.

Properly taken care of, these boots can be a solid basis for your inheritance. Your son can wear them on his first job interview.

#3 Lace-up cap-toe boot

No matter what’s the occasion.

Every regular but sophisticated man who takes care of his appearance is in a desperate need of blacker-than night moreover lace up boot.

Their high quality leather, shiny and polished will perfectly fit your suits in these rainy and cold days of winter.

#4 “Cromwell” Hiking boots

When we say Hiking Boots we mean Tom Ford hiking boots..

These hitting rocks boots, have never been more sophisticated and with a class until Tom Ford took them in his hands.

Tom Ford “Cromwell” hiking boots have never been fancier and wearable with everything you can found.

Or even can’t remember you posses in your closet.

Made of fine, hand-burnished calf leather this beauties are a real must have this winter.

Winter has never been lovelier!!!