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Tattoo??? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Them!!!

Tattos- all those having at least one tattoo on their body, know what I’m talking about.

For all those who are in the process of reconsidering and thinking of their primary tattoo, it’s fundamental to read the following post.

Those who have already passed the process of ‘whether to tattoo or not??’  And their only concern is ‘hmmm..where to put my next tattoo and what should it be,’ can also reconsider this post as it might be beneficial.

All in all, there is always something new to be learned, right?? 😉

So let us begin:

The process of ‘I want a tattoo’ to ‘I like it how it came’ is a long way to go process.

 Well, not so long but a though one.

The fact that the tattoo is a permanent drawing on your body, immediately increases the pressure and stress as it is something that will be part of your life and body forever.

So you must choose the right tattoo and the right spot for putting it. Making the wrong decision can be painful, costly and inconvenient.

There are so many factors that can impact your final tattoo decision.

They are called: Size, Color, Meaning, Style, and Placement of the design, as well as the realizer of the whole process, the tattoo artist which is the fundamental key in the realization of a good, long-term tattoo.

This hub is meant to provide you with a few steps I’ve compiled for choosing your tattoo design and tips before making a decision.

The information contained in the hub is based on what I consider most helpful after my own tattoo-choosing experience not too long ago and on what I’ve heard from other people as well.

Please take the time you need to learn more about the tattoos before you end up with something that will permanently stay on your body and be part of you FOREVER.


1.You can change or alter any design you want to base your tattoo on.


2.Do not hesitate to ask your tattoo artist for help when creating the tattoo design.

3.Your imagination is your only limit!

4.Consider the religious base when creating your tattoo. Does it offend someone or something? Or whether it consists some bad signs that others may find offensive?!

5.If Asian characters in a tattoo are your thing, than you must choose wisely.

6.The No.1 tattoos that people often want it removed or covered are names. So be wise and if you want to tattoo someone’s name that should be the name of some family member, or relative.

7. You tattoos doesn’t have to have deep meaning. Sometimes a cartoon character is a good option if you really want it

8. It costs more to get foot , hand and face tattoos because they need more touch-ups and require more time and attention to heal.

There are also some risks you should be informed about, when deciding for a tattoo:

-Always choose your tattoo wisely, as their laser removal is expensive, painful and time consuming.

-Tattoos can become infected, so ensure yourself for taking special care and always listen your tattoo artist about the care that should be provided

-As you grow older, it’s normal thing for the tattoo to lose its primary color or quality.

      “You can repeat the touch-ups every 10 to 30 years, and you can also use sunscreen or skin moisturizes that can help you retain your tattoo look.”

I hope that you will find this hub beneficial and productive, when  choosing your permanent tattoo.

Good Luck! And Have Fun 😉