10 Timeless Man Stuffs You Should Keep In your Wardrobe!!!

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As a grown up and sophisticated man, your personal style doesn’t need to take a hit.

Imagine it as an opportunity of being a stand-up guy who can manage it all while looking cool and stylish in the process.

The main point is that as you get older and older and older.. You will be willing to lean on more and more on the pices of clothes fitted in your wardrobe.

 In order to be functional and multitasking follow our little piece of advice!

Here are the epic 10 pieces of personal things every stylish andsophisticated man should posses in his wardrobe:

#1 White t-shirt

Utterly juvenile and sloppy looking but classic and versatile piece of clothing. They posses that comfort and accessibility and popularity that made them so popular.

They may never become a wedding or funeral wear but when worn right they can be stylish and suitable for more than just going to the beach or gym.


#2 Classic Chinos

The most stylish pants ever! Perfectly fitted for both those who require a more formal level of dress for the office and those who prefer a very practical approach to weekend and at home.

Paired brilliantly with a bottom down or polo shirt.


 #3 Tortoiseshell sunglasses

They will protect you while making you look like a first class jerk. 😀 our recommendation definitely!





#4 white sneakers

one of the most stylish and casual sneakers that a man can wear and own.

A pair of white sneakers work perfectly with both casual and business- appropriate apparel.


#5 Polo Shirt

“Always dress well, but keep it simple”

Polo shirts have been for decades one of the most sophisticated and unique wardrobe staple.

Definitely a MUST HAVE that will result with your appealing and stunning look!



#6 White Dress Shirt

Timeless symbol for elegance, class and sophistication.








#7 Dark Suit

Go Dark And Make It Epic !

#8 Navy Jeans

Classic, bold and perfect for every occasion.

From casual paired with basic t-shirt on daily basis to perfectly matched with suit or shirt for business meetings or night hanging outs!




#9 Oxford Shoes

One of the most crucial and primary characteristic when it comes of these forever chic shoes is its lacing system.

One of the most exemplary and proper choice of mens pair of shoes. There must be something special when king louis xiv of France styled them, right?!


#10 Cologne

But, not every cologne. Tom Ford’s “Venetian Bergamot” eau de parfum 😉







Classics have never gone out of fashion, so if classic is your thing, than thispost will definately fits you!

Keep it classic and simple!