Men Face Shape vs Fashion Accessories

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Men face shape dictates the right hair, beard, and glasses styles !!!

Let’s be honest, we as a real men may not figure out that some guy although beautiful and handsome looks ridiculous just because he has chosen the wrong pair of, let’s say, aviators.

Simply because the real men do not do that!!!

We do not sit and stare at some other men’s outfits while drinking our coffees and beers or whatever in our favorite places for hanging out.

But, no matter how sad it sounds, women do that and quite often, or always..

And because all the mankind shares a particularly strong weakness towards them.

 Then it’s time for some measurements being checked out!!!

Errrr, I mean face measurements.

So, take your ruler because you desperately need to educate yourself of the grooming styles that will best suit your face shape.

Oval face shape.

If the top-to-bottom length of your face is greater than your cheekbones.

Your forehead length is slightly larger than the jawline measurements

And the jawline is gently rounded, then you have the oval face shape.

For oval face shape, you can try and experiment with your hair as long as it does not block your forehead.

Anything except bangs which will compromise your face symmetry .

When your beard style is in question than we advise you to choose a style that maintains your natural oval shape instead of making it more oblong.

And if you didn’t know, the oval face shape is the easiest to pair with almost every style of glasses shape.

So, do not hesitate to choose a nice pair of sunglasses as anything should work here.

Rectangular face shape

If your top-to-bottom length of your face is greater compared to any other measurements.

While your forehead and cheek measurements are very similar than you are in a possession of the rectangular face shape.

The best hairstyle for you is something with length on the sides and that isn’t too tall.

At the beginning try avoiding pompadours and stick with scissor cuts on the sides.

Your beard should be as bushier on the sides as possible but keep the chin relatively short.

A round shape pair of glasses with thin frames will be idea for your rectangular face shape. Try rocking the professor vibe, maybe.

Square face shape

You have your face length and cheek width close.

Forehead and jawline are similar and jaw has sharp angle.

I.e. you are in a possession of the square face shape.

You should keep your hair tight by leaving a couple inches up top parted on the side (or not parted at all) with cropped sides.

Your beard should be with shorter sides, longer in the chin area.

When choosing the most appropriate glasses shapes, you should something with thin and round frames.

Round face shape

Round faced, on the other side, have their face length and cheek width similar with slightly greater than the forehead and jawline measurements.

Their jaw has a soft angle.

Try a sweeping hairstyle -parted at the side- but keep the sides shorter.

Grow Your beard short on the sides and longer in the chin.

Pick sharper shape of glasses with a rectangular frames.

Diamond face shape

When the cheeks are wider than the forehead and the jaw, you have the diamond face shape.

You need a hairstyle with a scissor-cut everything, leaving a centimetre or more on the sides.

In your beard style try filling in the space beneath your jaw by keeping the center and the sides of your chin short and coach everything else into an oval shape as it grows.

Try out a wider, angled glasses styles which will work well with your also-wide cheeks.